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“Danielle is a true professional, dedicated and trustworthy, whose expertise one cannot but trust from the very beginning. She is able to identify the problem and offer a solution in a short period of time.
We were very impressed with her wordily outlook and knowledge and we highly recommend Danielle to any company that is looking to improve its employees’ performance.'”

Radima SmithExecutive Assistant, Corigin Holdings, New York City

“Danielle is a passionate, creative and engaging facilitator. Her warm approachable, demeanour creates an ideal environment in which to learn, allowing anyone who is fortunate enough to participate in one of her training sessions to experience the joy of learning. Thanks to her global experience, she can easily adapt her facilitating style to suit the needs of her audience, ensuring that every participant, from entry level to executive, is engaged.”

Deborah MitchellFormer Director of Human Resources - The Peninsula Hotel, New York City
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